How AARDEX Group's Medication Adherence
Technology Helped Iroko Pharma Gain FDA Approval

Proving the efficacy of drugs is complex but with the right adherence technology,
sponsors can generate the evidence required to get drugs from lab to life.

Smart Pill Bottle Case Study-1

The Challenge

Many people with osteoarthritis use NSAIDs to manage their pain. However,  these medicines have a tendency to induce dose-related adverse events.

In response, IROKO developed SoluMatrix, a medication with a different Pharmacokinetic profile than existing products. SoluMatrix had the potential to half the standard daily dosing regimen in half, thus  decreasing instances of adverse events. 

The challenge for IROKO was proving to the FDA that SoluMatrix was just as effective as other marketed products, at half of the dose.

AARDEX Group's medication adherence technology played a vital role in generating the evidence that went on to underwrite the approval of the product. 

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