Experiences from Merck & Biogen:
Mitigating the Risk of Poor Adherence in
Clinical Trials

Recorded on Tuesday, October, 11, 2022  


Bernard Vrijens Ph.D (1)-1

About this Recording

Proving the safety and efficacy of investigational products is a challenging and costly endeavour - and ignoring the risks associated with poor medication adherence risks corroding the integrity of research.

Over the years, a large body of evidence has emerged linking poor adherence to null findings, unduly large sample sizes, the need for dose modifications, and in some cases, trial failure.

This recording hosted by AARDEX Group features Matt Bolton, Director of Clinical Trial Supply Technology Innovation, and Ning You, Director, Product and Technology Development, discussing:

  • Industry developments in context of utilizing smart packages and digital health technology to improve medication adherence
  • Practical, evidence-backed digital solutions for mitigating the risks of poor adherence
  • What the future holds for medication adherence management


Meet the Panel

Matt Social

Matt Bolton

Director of Clinical Trial Supply Technology Innovation


Ning Social

Ning Yu

Director, Product and Technology Development


Uwe Social

Uwe Braun

Senior Business Development Manager

Schreiner MediPharm

BV Social

Bernard Vrijens

Scientific Lead


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