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Mitigating the Risk of Poor Adherence to Injectable Drugs in Hybrid & Decentralized Trials.



About this Webinar Recording

Decentralized and hybrid clinical trial designs are growing in popularity. While these approaches strive to provide more flexibility, efficiency, and patient-centricity, they can potentially amplify traditional challenges, particularly in terms of ensuring adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen for injectable drug products1

Watch the recording to listen is as experts from AARDEX Group, BD, & Biocorp share regulatory updates, trends, and what to expect for hybrid and decentralized clinical trials, risk mitigation strategies, and;

Untitled design (71)  Why tackling poor adherence to self-injectables is crucial, the underlying causes of non-adherence, and what you can do                 about it.

Untitled design (71)  A potential connected injection solution for clinical trials

Untitled design (71)  Harnessing data to uncover meaningful insights to foster improved adherence

Untitled design (71)  Case Study: How connected devices are used to understand patient adherence behaviours in a Phase IV diabetes study.


Meet the Panelists

Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A .


Landry Giardina

Global Head of Clinical Supply Chain Operations Innovation & Technology, Sanofi

Landry Giardina holds a degree in Biochemical Engineering. He began his career in vaccine manufacturing process development and gradually transitioned into the clinical supply chain realm at Sanofi. Serving as the Head of Digital for clinical supplies, he now oversees Technology and Innovation within the Clinical Supply Chain Operations department. His daily work is driven by ensuring process and solution robustness as well as implementing valuable technological innovations.



Rebecca new

Rebecca Beck, PhD

Connected Health Innovation Leader, BD

Dr. Rebecca Beck is the Connected Health Innovation Leader for Advanced Drug Delivery Solutions at BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems, where she drives the digital program for connected drug delivery solutions. Prior to joining BD Dr. Beck led multidisciplinary research projects in clinical and neuro-rehabilitation settings, academia and business. She holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, a H1 degree in Electronic Engineering, and has 47 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and conference proceedings.




Bernard Vrijens, PhD

CEO & Scientific Lead, AARDEX Group

Dr. Vrijens pioneered a research program focused on a simple but robust taxonomy of common dosing errors, along with exploring optimal measurement-guided medication management that can drive adherence and maintain long-term persistence. With over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and six patents to his name, Dr. Vrijens is also a founding member of the International Society for Medication Adherence (ESPACOMP) and an active contributor to several EU and US-funded collaborative projects, cementing his status as a leading authority in the field.



Arnaud Guillet

VP Business Development, Biocorp

Arnaud Guillet is Vice-President, Business Development at Biocorp, in charge of finding partnerships and licence opportunities for Biocorp’s range of connected devices. Previously, Mr Guillet worked for a healthcare consulting firm with a strong focus on connected health strategies for pharma and insurance companies and has additional experience in the pharmaceutical industry (with Sanofi) and the insurance industry (with AXA). He graduated from HEC Paris, a major European business school.


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