The Myth of Perfect Medication
Adherence in Oncology Trials.

Industry Experts on the Effectiveness of Medication
Adherence Monitoring in Oncology Trials

Recorded on April 16, 2024


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Key Discussion

Adherence to treatments for life-threatening diseases is widely regarded as positive, yet cancer patients often struggle with adherence to prescribed medications.

This struggle is influenced by various factors including complex treatment regimens, side effects, and psychological factors.

Moreover, during drug 
trials, there's often hesitancy to report deviations in adherence due to fear of disqualification, leading to potential integrity issues.

We invite you to view the recording of our live panel discussion, where our expert panelists share their insights on the topic.

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Identify challenges in medication adherence among cancer patients, including treatment complexity and psychological factors.

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Understand the importance of accurate adherence measures in optimising oncology treatment dosages, especially in small patient populations.

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Explore strategies for fostering transparency and collaboration in reporting adherence deviations during drug trials, facilitating the development of tailored treatments for patients.

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